Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Details of Product

This blog i'm wanna to share some info about our company....

"ErgoWorks Sdn Bhd (EWSB) has foreseen the future needs of Ergonomics for the industry and to fulfill that needs we are offering our professional services in the field of Ergonomics / Human Factors such as training, advisory, consultancy, human factors engineering, assessment, product evaluation, task design and simulation ,and ergo products".

Details of Product we produce at our Company.... and also who want to know details about product or details info about EWSB can contact us:

Address: Ergoworks Sdn bhd
113-2,2nd Floor, Jalan TKS 1,
Taman Kajang Sentral,
43000 Kajang,
Tel :03-87349141
Fax :03-87346141

Website :
Blog :

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